Pepe's - Customer Services Assistant


Job Element




Job Title

CSA Customer Service Assistant


Reporting To



Store Manager/Supervisor





  • In store



Main Purpose


  • To serve all Pepe’s Customers “The Pepe’s Way” following Health & Safety regulations.


Duties & Responsibilities


  • Till duties
  • Serve customers “The Pepe’s Way”
  • Communicate orders to colleagues to provide effective and accurate service for customers at all times
  • Keep the public areas of the store clean and tidy at all times
  • Clean, prepare and cook food to required standards
  • Follow all required practices/checks as per “Food Safety Manual”
  • Keep back of house tidy and safe at all times
  • Check weekly rota for days/hours of work
  • Follow Health & Safety regulations at all times
  • Tidy and replenish stock as required
  • Unload and pack away deliveries


Salary & Benefits


  • Salary: Monthly
  • Hours flexible/pro-rata
  • ½ hour unpaid lunch break
  • Staff Meal (after a 6 hour shift)
  • 28 days holiday (includes bank holidays)


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