Commercialisation Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not covered below, please contact us

Do I need Insurance?

Each trader must hold Public Liability Insurance to £5 million. This can be purchased from any Insurance broker or the National Market Traders Federation. The NMTF can be reached on 01226 749021.

How long can I book for?

A booking can be made from any length of time between one day and six months.

Can I make a long term booking?

The maximum length of time for a Promotional or RMU booking is six months. After that time, if you wish to continue trading, you must move location within the centre or fully vacate the premises for a minimum of 24 hours.

Is storage available?

If you are hiring an RMU, then storage is available within the body of the unit. This space is limited and any re-stocking should be done outside of trading hours.

I have completed my booking, what do I do to start trading?

If you have returned all of your documentation and payments then please call the shopping centre on 01788 572630.

How can I make a payment?

Payment may be made either directly to the bank account, cheque or cash. Payment must always be received in cleared funds before trading commences. Failure to have made payment will result in trade not being permitted.

What do I need to take to site on the day or trade?

It would be beneficial for a copy of your completed licence to be made available. Also, each staff member will be required to show a copy of their UK/EU passport or a valid permit to work. Student visas are not acceptable unless they specify that work is permitted.

Where should I go when I arrive on site?

Please report to security in the first instance. They will direct you to your allocated space.